Tatooine TV Retrospective Show – The End is Here.

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Well, its here. We talked the beginning, the ups, downs, critiques, voice actors, and the future.
Here are some shameless plugs of people we mentioned on the show:
Mostly Trivial Podcast with Johnee Bee (http://www.mostlytrivial.com)
Obi Shawn’s Online Hovel (http://www.shawnandcolleen.com/shawn/index2.html)
Katy Tyszkiewicz Resume (http://www.wallisagency.com/kristene/resumes/Katy%20TyszkiewiczKaty_resume.pdf)
Echo3toEcho7 (http://web.mac.com/tonygonzalez/Echo3toEcho7/Welcome.html)
John Cosper’s Site (http://www.righteousinsanity.com)
Some lady named Denise (http://www.google.com)
Nathan P. Butler (http://www.starwarsfanworks.com)
William Lundin (http://www.yourbuddybill.info/)
Michael Smith (http://www.sokarsstudio.net/)
Dany Pepin (http://www.danypepin.com/)
Robbie Chastain (http://www.starwarsandbeyond.com/)
and even though she wasn’t on the show, ahem-
Ara Pelodi (http://www.myspace.com/Ara_Pelodi)
I apologize ahead of time all the people I forgot to mention.

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