Tat TV Live #6
Jeff interviews the Cris and Cortney Macht, the production crew of the Star Wars documentary, The Force Among Us. We catch up on how the promotion for the film has been has been going, and how they feel about being a VIP to Celebration 4. We also had the pleasure of having Dan Madsen, the former Star Wars fan club President, who was interviewed in TFAU, as well, on the line to offer great personal insights.

The second segment of the show is devoted entirely to a list of things to bring, and things to remember to make Celebration 4 (Whether you attend in LA or not), the best it can be. We even get great tips from our guests, as well. Its very information. Every Star Wars fan even thinking about C4 show listen to this podcast.

Oh yes, we had a strange call from a Jedi, called Obi Don Juan, the sexiest Jedi in the universe. He seemed to really take a liking to Cortney, and then he- well, you’ll have to listen to hear what happened. Oh well, we never said Tat TV Live was boring. Enjoy!

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Tat TV Live #6

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