Tatooine TV

the award-winning Star Wars parody series by RoneyZone Productions.

“So, what if Star Wars characters played a baseball game…”

That’s was Jeff’s passing funny thought that began his journey of realizing dreams and creating Tatooine TV, the award-winning Star Wars parody series.


Watching a Angel baseball game, the idea came for the Star Wars parodies.

The Teaser:

Episode 1 released August 26th 2003. Early message boards post responses to the Teaser

My first thought was realizing that Tatooine TV is really an audio comedy. I mean, obviously it is, but the connection really struck home. It’s so ironic hehe. My second thought was the teaser was really too long. It felt like an entire episode. Some fan films don’t even last that long. 1-2 minutes tops.

“It’s a great concept though, if I had one recommendation I’d say try and keep the skits short and too the point. I liked the singing intros. hehe. Very nice…”

I liked, but my only comment would be what Keith said about length. Especially if this was a “teaser,” that was hella long for a teaser.”

Yeah, it was a little long for a teaser. But still, worth listening to. Some areas of it were a little slow, but I enjoyed it. I’ll try to give a more in-depth review tomorrow.”

This Tat TV Casting Call response posted on 08/20/03. Talk about prophetic,

You know what would be killer? Like, a call-in radio show parody where we can all improv. But yeah, I wanna do it too!”

And what came from those early warnings? Well over three dozen hilarious parody sketches in the original series,Tatooine TV Episodes page and nearly a dozen longer, often LIVE, features. Plus the infamous Tatooine TV Phoovies on You Tube ( Keyword: tattv ).The official end of the Tatooine TV series was August 19th, 2007. Visit our August 20th Tatooine TV post for the Retrospective celebratory live radio finale, featuring a previously unreleased Tatooine TV episode.Please download and save to your computer, CD player, MP3 player, all of our original Tatooine TV episodes … before they disappear like a small moon blasted by the Death Star.